Smoke study manifold airflow, air flow, cleanroom visualization

Diffuser System

The Technology

A Diffuser Manifold is required to properly introduce the Tracer Particles into a cleanroom. Inside the manifold the vapor cools and mixes with air forming a stable fog at ambient temperature and pressure while avoiding fully condensing back into a fluid. This removes the jetting effect of shooting the Tracer Particles in a single direction (Often Downward) that may falsely demonstrate unidirectional airflow when dead spaces and eddy currents are apparent. In addition, excess condensation of the Tracer Particles on surfaces in the cleanroom is avoided since the fog exits the manifold at the same temperature and pressure as the cleanroom environment. (3) Water, CO2 or Nitrogen Based “Cleanroom Fogging Systems” Tracer Particles are NOT Neutrally Buoyant and cannot visualize dead spaces or areas where there is no air flow. 


(3) CETA Certification Guide for Sterile Compounding Facilities CAG-003-2006 -13 Revised May 20, 2015


A fully Configurable Diffuser Manifold System that converts hot vapor into a stable in situ fog at atmospheric temperature and pressure